Chief Operations Officer Belize

Michelle Rudon

A business driven, highly motivated and hardworking business owner and entrepreneur with a successful and consistent track record of achieving the highest returns for clients and volunteer organizations. Well accomplished with twenty three years Business Ownership operations experience with Genesis Arts situated in Belize City, Belize. Michelle is also the Founder of "1,000 Smiles for Cleyon", a Foundation dedicated to children with cancer in her home country of Belize, Central America.

The Foundation has provided assistance needed with cancer treatments, medication, and travelling expenses throughout the years, as children with cancer in Belize need to travel to neighboring Mexico and Guatemala for treatment, since there is currently not a Cancer Treatment Facility in the country. Furthermore, the Foundation additionally provides general help for children in need, a help which includes but is not limited to, groceries, education, clothing and day to day expenses.

She has additionally served her country as a Volunteer in the Belize Humane Society in excess of twenty years, and has been highly instrumental in animal rescue and fostering and considering her background of overarching commitments to successes from a myriad of verticals, Michelle also represents THE CEREUS GROUP LLC which is a US based entity positioned as a member of the Executive Management Team with the ideas and roadmap including selflessly molding the functional role as Chief Operations Officer for Belize, Central America.

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