MS Sharepoint Consulting

Microsoft Sharepoint Consulting

If you've ever used SharePoint, you know that it is very easy to add content to it. But how exactly should it be organized? And how do you organize it once the content is already in SharePoint?

We can help with SharePoint content management on a variety of levels. Whether you need permissions help, using metadata tagging versus folders or even organizing your sites, we've got you covered. We leverage our team of professional SharePoint experts to review your current and future states, come up with a scalable plan and rapidly execute in your environment.

1. Can manage permissions at a very broad as well as very granular level, down to a specific file level.

2. Has content auditing abilities to meet audit and compliance standards.

3. Has robust retention policies to help keep your environment clean and healthy.

4. Has numerous ways to setup and present information ranging from very large, dedicated containers down to individual website pages to lightly present information to users.

5. Can manage & use file templates such as project plans, invoices or other files that you fill out often during the normal course of business. Let's discuss how your organization can best leverage Microsoft SharePoint.


Some organizations have an idea of how you would like content management to work in their environment and seeking technical review and assistance to make sure they are on the right path. Other organizations need help from start to end. Either way, we can help get you all sorted out and scalable for the future.

If you aren't sure how content management works in SharePoint or would like to try us out with low risk, we recommend getting started with our SharePoint Project Success Roadmap. This is a rapid, in depth value-add engagement where we listen your current needs and map out exactly what it takes to make your project a success. Still don't want to take the plunge? Work with us at no obligation with our Free SharePoint Site Assessment.

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